All products purchased through this website are covered by our 90 days money back guarantee if no visible results! If you are not totally satisfied with the results after 90 days use, please return the product to us within 90 days of receiving your order and we will refund you. Please include a brief letter including your name and address and an explanation as to why you are returning the item(s).

Please note; we do not refund your postage unless the item is damaged, wrongly described or faulty.

Full Money Back Guarantee Terms

The guarantee is valid when, you send us a photograph of the area you want to treat the skin problem within 14 days of receiving your item. If you do NOT send the before photograph within 14 days, your guarantee will not apply. 

1/ Once you receive Medivas you must email us a before photograph within 14 days of the area you wish to treat.

2/ Then after 21 days you must send us a 2nd photograph of the same area being treated with Medivas. 

3/ And on the 30th day of treatment you must send us a 3rd photograph of the same area being treated. 

4/ Finally for those who purchased larger volume (150ml/250ml) after 60th day of treatment with Medivas, you must send us the final photo of the same area being treated.

If there is no change, you send us the empty container back to us and we will give you your full money back. This is a fair request for money back. We have to comply with our company policies. Only 1 refund and guarantee per customer per household. This means you should only order 1 item to see if it works and then you can return that (empty container, after using) item for a refund. You cannot purchase more than one item, then use all of them then get a refund for all of them. 

We have had customers sending photos that they took on the same day in different background just to get their money back fraudulently. These customers have been doing this over and over again to abuse our guarantee. We have also had customers who never actually used the product properly and sometimes expecting results the second day of use. We ask customer to follow the instructions and at least allow a 7 days to maximum of 60 days as some people have suffered from skin problems for many years, and for results to show it can take a little time and patience.


Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Medivas Team