How to use

For best results apply twice daily. Apply once in morning and once after bath before sleeping. Always try a test patch.

Optimum Results

Medivas is most effective when applied on clean skin once bathed. Apply the cream once in the morning and once again before going to bed in the evening. It can also be used as a general moisturisers as a top up when needed.


This product should be stored in a cool, dry spot. In warmer areas, the product may melt. Many customers store their jars in the bathroom, night stand, cabinet, or changing table. Jars do not require refrigeration but can be refrigerated for a super cooling effect.



Eczema is a form of skin disorder that affects the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. Symptoms of eczema include reddening of the skin, inflammation, crusting, blistering, cracking and bleeding. The following foods are some of the common foods to avoid with eczema, however please keep a diary.

  1. Milk and Dairy Products; Casein in milk and milk products can trigger an eczema condition. Avoid foods such as yogurt, cheese and even milk chocolate if you have eczema.
  2. Nuts; can cause an allergic reaction that can trigger or worsen eczema especially peanuts! People with eczema should avoid these foods.
  3. Seafood such as shrimps, crabs; many people are allergic to seafood like any kind of fish, crabs, prawns, lobster, salmon, mussels, clams, etc. Some of these food/s maybe dangerous for people with eczema and should be avoided.
  4. Eggs; example eggs in food such as cakes.
  5. Gluten in food; example bread.
  6. Soya in food.

Also avoid sugary food in diet as it can weaken the immune system and cause inflammation to worsen. Also sleeping helps body repair, please check the average daily sleep hours online. Sleeping helps to increases the body’s natural cortisol levels.